MINDFUL MENTORS equip children with techniques and coping strategies to enable them to effectively manage challenging situations including pre-exam stress.

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At Mindful Mentors we offer a range of individually tailored mindful workshops (ages 5-11) i.e. individual, group, and whole school sessions. Each session focuses on providing children with the tools to become more aware of their emotions, senses, environment around them; enabling them to live independently in the present moment. By using techniques such as the Monkey Mind Meditation children are building awareness and resilience to be more alert, pay attention and have a positive attitude towards their living experience.


The engaging workshops provide resources for children to practise mindfulness using:

  • breathing techniques

  • arts and crafts

  • body movement

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At Mindful mentors we help children to nourish skills required to live a more compassionate life filled with kindness and happiness.


 -      One day whole school taster session

- One hour 1:1/ group session

- 8-week holistic tailor-made mindfulness curriculum (5-11)-

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-       9-week Paws .b curriculum  (ages 7-11)

Current tailor made workshop topics cover:

  • An awareness of the connection between our Mind and brain

  • Staying focused on a task without the mind being distracted by thoughts

  • An awareness of our senses- react or respond

  • Finding a sense of calm in the midst of challenging situations

  • Finding a sense of self in everyday life and activities

  • Finding compassion for ourselves 

  • Increasing empathy towards others

  • Cultivating resilience towards challenging situations

If you are interested to explore more about the content of sessions or would like to discuss further how Mindful Mentors could work with your child or at your school please do contact us and we would be delighted to share our techniques with you.

“It was really fun decorating my pebble. It represents me.” Year 6 Pupil

“It was really fun decorating my pebble. It represents me.” Year 6 Pupil