Summer Mindfulness Art Workshops (July- August 2019)

My daughter attended 3 days at the Mindful Mentors Summer Mindfulness Art, which she really loved. In fact she wanted to spend more time there! She loves doing art so this was a perfect workshop for her to spend her time doing while learning some great lessons on managing her emotions and feelings. I would definitely send her back as Sasha was lovely and Elaina was so happy attending her workshops.
Parent of daughter(age 5) attending the workshop

What specifically did your child/ children enjoy?
Elaina loved the feelings glitter shaker that she made on the last day.  She was telling her brother how to use it the other day, telling him to shake it if he was feeling upset or angry.  She also loved making the princess crown. 

Ryan enjoyed the Meditation “Like in India”.


“We would like to thank Sasha so much for your amazing effort with our daughter, we saw the incredible transformation with her skills and abilities in English and math and that all down to your teaching methods and student centred approach you followed with our Elena. We really appreciate everything you have done and We are sure it will provide her with strong baseline for her journey in secondary school.”

Hammersmith Parent of Year 6 pupil tutored for the 11+and SATS

“My daughter has responded really well to Mindful Tutoring with Mindful Mentors- Thank you for your support in preparing her for the SATS.”
West London Mother of Year 6 pupil

“I found the Mindful Mentoring sessions really helped my son, who is 6 and preparing for the 8+ exams as he is much more focused in his approach to learning. He had a real connection with Sasha.”
Chiswick Mother of Year 2 pupil

Mindfulness workshops in schools

“ Sasha has maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the series of workshops, she enthuses positivity and the children have responded with enthusiasm! Thank you!”
Director of Pupil Progression

“The adult session’s helped me become more focused and reflective as an individual and a teacher.”
Year 1 Class Teacher

“ I liked it because I felt calm. We could do breathing when the other teachers come in too.”
Year 2 Pupil

“I think every school should have mindfulness sessions, I feel that they will help overall wellbeing.”
Support Staff

“I really enjoyed the lessons and I thought that they were a valuable experience! I’ve learned a lot. I’d also like more lessons because as we progress we’ll need to learn different skills.”
Year 6 Pupil

“the children enjoyed the sessions and were better at expressing their feelings.”
Reception Teacher

“I really liked the mindfulness Monday workshops and I would like a little bit more time to do it.”
Year 3 Pupil

“I want more mindfulness lessons because they really helped me feel calmer. Can we do more mindfulness outside with nature next time?”
Year 4 Pupil

“Great Sessions. Amazing what a difference stopping for 15minutes makes to how you feel. Thank you!”
Member of staff at St Mary’s School

“ I think breathing in and out by focusing is a very good thing to do and I want to keep practising it”
Year 4 pupil

“Even when you are calm she (the teacher) makes you even more calm.”
Year 5 pupil

“These workshops have helped me calm down and make me open up my mind.”
Year 6 Pupil

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