Kerry explained mindfulness to our group and led a guided meditation.  We learned how to pay attention to the present moment.  Our group gained a significant amount of knowledge from Kerry and after the meditating session we had an open discussion about issues that are not normally explored during the usual workday.  Everyone left the session relaxed, calm and armed with tools that we can all employ to help with stress management and concentration.  This was a wonderful experience for our office and the benefits from the session will be felt by all well into the future. -Leading management consulting firm

“I am not someone who practices meditation of any kind, but was fortunate enough to have the chance to meet Kerry though a mutual acquaintance.  Kerry is someone with whom anyone can instantly feel comfortable.   She generates such easy warmth, with no pretense and no expectations, and explains things in everyday, accessible terms.   After speaking with her for a while, we decided to offer a session, entitled “Train Your Brain”, to our incoming law students.  I had no idea how the program would be received, but I had students fill out feedback forms at the end of the event and discovered that it was an extraordinary success.   I recommend her program and talents to everyone.” – Judith Mender, Dean of Students, Cardozo Law School

“Kerry Docherty led a really terrific mindfulness session for our associates.  She clearly explained the process and benefits of mindful living and then took the group through a relaxing and rejuvenative exercise.  Kerry is very engaging and easy to listen to, with a soothing voice and calming manner.  Her legal background gives her credibility with attorneys and she broke down her points and exercises in a way that the most analytical minds could appreciate.  We wouldn’t hesitate to have Kerry back or recommend her session enthusiastically as a great change of pace to our usual training lunches!” -Kelli, Arnold &Porter, LLP

“Kerry’s mindfulness seminar was the perfect addition to Columbia University School of Social Work’s Self-Care Day. She knew exactly how to relax us. She also gave relevant suggestions of how to  be mindful during and outside of school. Her kind-hearted spirit mixed with her wisdom make you want to come back for more! I can’t wait to get a group together for a home visit.” -Jenna, CUSSW student

“Mindfulness has allowed me to accept my children’s imperfections and has given me space and awareness to respond to situations that in the past I may have reacted to negatively.  This gives my children and me time to learn and reflect on the issue at hand rather than get angry, shameful or endure needless regret. If I were to trust anyone to teach Mindfulness to me it would be Kerry.  She is one of the kindness, happiest people I’ve ever come across.  As the famous scene with Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally says: ‘I’ll have what she’s having.’ I am a prime example of feeling great after 6 months of practice. Exercise and a good diet help too.

A good car goes from 0-60 in 5 seconds flat.  A good mind goes from 60-0 in 5 breathes flat. Consistent Mindfulness practice brings me back to neutral. My family and I now have more time to focus on our strengths while in a positive zone rather than wallow in our weaknesses with our emotions charged .We are a work in progress and not perfect.  Everyday we have to work on it!” -Lynn Z, Mother of Two

“I suffer from anxiety and was skeptical that I would be able to focus enough to benefit from the mindfulness session. I could not have been more wrong. The best part about the experience was that there was absolutely no judgment, and there was no ‘wrong way’ to do it. When I opened my eyes I just felt better. My worries hadn’t gone away, but I felt I had control over them and they weren’t as big a deal anymore.” -Hannah, doctor

“Like so many women in the workplace, I put a tremendous pressure on myself and struggle to manage stress and anxiety. I recently had my first mindfulness session with Kerry. Our session made a tremendous impression on me. The themes covered and the insights discussed have led me to ask myself a variety of questions. I feel that I have a new perspective on my stress and new mechanisms of coping with the challenges I face in life. I would recommend a session to anyone with an open mind. Mindfulness is not therapy. It is not yoga. Instead, it is a chance to self-assess and uncover ways to manage your stress.” -Laura, marketing

“I was not quite sure what to expect for my first mindfulness session. Would it be too preachy? Within the first few seconds of the session, any doubts I had were dispelled. Kerry’s sessions provide guidance but not instruction, freedom to get lost in the depths of your own thoughts and feelings. She exudes a warmth and manner of engagement that immediately puts you at ease. I can’t wait for my next session!” -Emily, ecologist

“An extremely positive experience – I loved it.  Spiritual, but completely without the New Ageiness I feared.  Every New Yorker should practice getting their mind right!” -Michael, finance

“I tried meditating several times on my own, but to no avail, before I had a session with Kerry. However, after the very first meditation sessions with Kerry, I was totally hooked on the benefits of practicing this ancient art. Kerry led me in 3 separate meditations when I got pregnant with my first child. Those meditations have stayed with me throughout my pregnancy, and I’ve referred back to her words constantly on my own. She gave me a rare gift through her ability to disarm people and gently lead one into a trance like state that is relaxing, invigorating and leaves one with a sense of overwhelming peace.” -Ilea, entrepreneur

“A refreshing escape that feels better than a full body massage.” -Amie V, Nutritionist, The Healthy Apple

“I think and worry and analyze about the same things, over and over. I can’t quiet one thought let along my whole mind. For that reason I’ve avoided all meditation exercises. The silence required only makes my thoughts louder and my worry circles more worrisome, leading to the fear of failure. I was sure my first mindful session would be stressful rather than peaceful, but I was surprised to find my thoughts, while not quieted, were calmed. Kerry taught me that there is no such thing as failure in meditation. She taught me to acknowledge my thoughts, see them as that, just thoughts, and to place them to the side, allowing me to think and feel the simplest of things, like the way my foot touched the floor. It is in those simple thoughts that you can learn a lot about yourself and your inner strength.” -Talley, architect

“The hours and days following a mindfulness session are sort of rose-colored; life feels a little bit lighter.  It’s not like you disappear into another world, in fact – it’s the opposite.  I become more connected to who I truly am and how I truly feel.  Sometimes it’s with ease, sometimes a challenge, but I always feel better.”-Julia, student

“A true release of stress and anxiety; can’t wait to come back.” -Mike, media

“Kerry’s warm personality and gentle cadence make it easy to find a calmer place. I highly recommend Kerry’s mindfulness sessions to anyone who’s interested in practical meditation without spiritual undertones.” -Peter, law

“An hour of understanding your present, excluding your thoughts and just focusing on your most inner sense of being oneself” -M.A., finance