When Sh** Hits the Fan

First things first: I’ve missed you. And because of that, Mindfulness Soirees are back… and in a brand new spot! Next one is Monday May 12th at 7:30pm at 102 Thompson Street (the new Faherty Brand Store). If you haven’t been there, prepare to meditate in a beach bungalow. All are welcome.

I’ve been terrible at writing my weekly newsletters this past month. I could give you a slew of reasons for this, but let’s just keep it at things are “cray,” (dad, that’s short for “crazy”), meaning: 

1) I’m flakier than a buttered croissant when it comes to social meetings (“ack…can we reschedule?)
2) My home cooked meals are now made by Eddie at the cafe across the street
3) I answer 75% of work phone calls with the question, “what’s wrong? 
4) I wake up every day thinking it’s Monday
5) I now wear Alex’s clothes because they’re cleaner than mine (this truly is a low point)
6) My work outs amount to calf raises in the shower
7) My poetry laden journal has become my daily to-do list planner
8) Seeing elderly people eat makes me teary eyed (clearly that’s another issue…)
9) I’m researching farm real estate in Nova Scotia 
10) I don’t make the bed every morning (this really sums it up)

I used to pride myself on being balanced, rationing my time and resources like a perfect food pyramid (1 cup work; 1 cup friends; 1 cup leisure; 2 ounces exercise). Now my plate looks like a heaping portion of sloppy joe.

The good news is that amidst my frenzied disintegration into Imbalance, I have broken no rules. As the wonderful Sylvia Boorstein gently asks, “where is it written that you’re supposed to be happy all the time?” No where is it written that we need to have all our ducks in a row or things figured out or a nicely structured, productive day. 

What a relief.

When sh** hits the fan, most of our pain stems not from things going wrong, but from the belief that things should be going right. It has not been written. 

My current quest? To find ease when things go wrong and okayness in being  “Imbalanced Frenzied Kerry.”  


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