Is it Just Me Or…

Is it just me, or is this week, like, the most depressing week of the year?! (For those of you in sunny California soaking up the sun and sipping ICED coffee (hi Shannon!), please disregard the below) (show off).

I’m in NYC. It’s freaking February. It’s cold. I’m shoveling spoonfuls of mashed potatoes in my mouth like its steel cut oats. I wear 4 sweaters at a time.  I can’t get out of bed in the morning. I only eat at restaurants that have fireplaces. I complain that I personally don’t have a fireplace in my 500 sq foot apartment. And I look at people wearing fur coats and am actually jealous (I mean….!??!!).

So what does one do in this season of “Ugh-ness?”

You wake up. You eat breakfast. You have a cup of coffee/tea and think, this is warm. You go to work. You laugh with co-workers at how miserable it is outside. You eat your lunch and get full. You keep working. You look forward to going home and relaxing. You get home and relax and do something you enjoy.  You snuggle into your bed. You take a sigh of relief. The day is complete. You go to sleep.

Sometimes life is a grind and a struggle. (Scratch that…life is always some type of struggle). Sometimes we’re in survival mode. (We’re always surviving). Sometimes we want to hibernate and hide from the world. (If bears can do it, why can’t we?)

It’s just as okay to be somber and sad and tired and stressed as it is to be grateful and funny and hopeful and glad. We can experience it all in one day, one hour, one minute.

And amidst these emotions, these intense, all-encompassing, changing emotions, sometimes we pause and we recognize….

this is ALIVENESS.

this is what it feels like to be alive. To feel. To be aware. And here. And okay.

Sometimes simply surviving is the most beautiful act of strength. And an occasional smile or offering of gratitude a profound victory.

We can use whatever we’re experiencing  today to connect more deeply to others. As Pema Chodron says, “When you feel bad, let it be your link to others’ suffering. When you feel good, let it be your link with others’ joy.”

Be alive with me for a mindfulness soiree Monday, February 17th at 7:30pm. 54 West 21st Suite 608. All welcome. Donation based.

When in doubt (or chilly) (or miserable), meditate. Let’s do it together.

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