Everyday is Groundhog Day

h yes, yesterday was Groundhog Day–the day, not when the groundhog potentially sees its shadow, but when we’re are wisely reminded by Bill Murray (in his 1993 classic) that we really only live ONE day, over and over again.

Meaning, our whole life unfolds in a simple span of 24 hours, perpetually.

Meaning, we only live in ONE Day, which is today.  (It will never, not be today).

Meaning, each day is the SAME, but what unfolds within it, is different.

Have I lost you? I’ve almost lost myself….

In sum, life’s calendar only has one calendar box–the 1st of the month.

So if every day is Groundhog’s Day, we might as well celebrate it like New Year’s Day, full of hope that today is the start of something new, that change is possible.

Happy Groundhog Day, may your Resolutions (just for today) come true.

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